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The Best Travel Sites for Finding Out What Other Travelers Think

When planning a trip – whether across the state or across the globe – it’s great to get professional help. Travel agencies and travel sites with reliable content like Fodors of Frommers should all be part of your planning process.

But sometimes, instead of reading travel advice from a professional travel writer, you want to know what the average Joe thinks of things. Someone like yourself who doesn’t stay in hundreds of hotels or fly millions of miles every year.

There are lots of sites that provide user-generated content or reviews from their readers. But there are a few caveats to using them. Some of the reviews are probably not authentic. Although most of these travel sites do their best to filter out bogus content, a few scathing reviews from competitors and raves from family members usually sneak through.

Think of it like diving scores. Throw out the best and the worst reviews and read the ones in the middle for the most accurate representation. And try to read between the lines. Did the person have a bad experience because their expectations were completely unrealistic? Did the honeymooners think it was the best place ever because they got upgraded to a suite that they never left?


If it’s hotel information you’re looking for, Tripadvisor is the big daddy of travel sites. With more than 40 million traveler reviews, there’s almost no place that isn’t covered. And there are lots of candid photos too..

You can make reservations with a click, get more information from a number of sites that represent the hotel, and even compare prices for your dates. If you’re only going to visit one site, Tripadvisor is your best bet for hotels.

Oyster only covers about a dozen destinations, but its reviews are some of the most thorough out there. The concept is an original one. Oyster sends journalists, not necessarily travel professional, to photograph and review properties in depth. The reviews on this site are extremely well researched and less likely to be petty in nature.

One of the best features of this site is the section where they compare the photographs their reviewers took with the beauty shots that are in the hotel brochure or on their web site. Some of them are unbelievable.

Yelp has more than 12 million reviews of local businesses and services, and it’s your best bet if you want to know about restaurants. In addition to starred reviews from readers, Yelp also includes links to the restaurant website or menu, hours, location, special events, and other useful information.

Take the rave reviews here with a grain of salt. Many would-be restaurant critics are more generous than a professional would be.

Zagat compiles reader reviews to create top ten lists by

cuisine, neighborhood, ambience, and more. Although some of their content is reserved for members, plenty of useful information is available free of charge. []Find more helpful travel sites. []Or find luxury travel sites.

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